Appraisal Process

What to know about appraising

Every item has a RETAIL value, APPRAISAL value and a LOAN value.

The retail value is what the item sold for when it was new at the time of purchase.

The appraisal value is considered a "replacement" value written for your protection in the event of loss or theft. Many people carry additional insurance coverage on their valuables should they incur any losses through theft or loss (ask us about Jewelers Mutual Insurance coverage for your valuables). An appraised value on your personals can be misleading in determining its' loan assessment when selling or borrowing against the item.

Our loans are based on disposal of your article often times to a wholesale market. Interest and commission fees are also taken into consideration in determining its‘ value. Our staff is trained to evaluate each item: age, condition, weight of gold and value of diamond(s).

Generally, you will receive more to sell an item than if pawned, keeping in mind when you are pawning, you are still retaining ownership of the article.

Additionally, O'Neill's can provide you with the appraisal needed to protect your valuables. We have a G.I.A. trained Diamond Grader on the premises with knowledge of today's jewelry market and prices. Each customer is entitled to a free appraisal on any jewelry item purchased at O'Neill's.

Types of Appraisals:

  • Verbal
  • Written
  • Estate (on site or off)